This program is offered at P1,000.00/per person. Unlimited access to the learning site + a one hour one-on-one tutorial with Dolores every Friday of the month (depending on the schedule chosen by the attendee), with a minimum attendees of 5 and a maximum of 10 per session.


The course should be completed within 30-days

Experience You Can Count On

We have provided training lessons to the members of the Community who aspire to learn and start a career from home.


This is the right one for you if you are an Ex-BPO Employee, Career Professional, Skilled Professional, a retiree, or even a fresh college graduate.


As part of the development, we have partnered with respective outsourcing agencies to provide long term and stable work for the right and qualified VA candidates who have completed the training.


This is one way to ensure that aspiring VA's will have the opportunity to search for the client they would love to work with.


The partner outsourcing agencies will screen and interview VA candidates and if they pass all the necessary processes, screening and tests, the attendees will be given the opportunity to be endorsed to their servicing clients.

Start learning the right way
MODULE 1- What are the preparations needed to start a career from home - 1 week to complete
Module 2 - Social Media Discussion - 1 week to complete
Module 3 - Client Relations - 1 week to complete
Lesson 4 - Basic English - 1 week to complete
Module 5 - Business Tools - 1 week to complete
What You Must Have
Resource Materials
Career Assessment

Maria Dolores Florentino

My Advocacy

Hi, I am Dolores, the founder of the Philippine Home-based Virtual Assistants Community. 


It is my advocacy to help and assist experienced and aspiring professionals to learn and discover their ways to a successful home-based career.


I encourage those who want to start a career from home to pursue their dreams and make it happen. Grow your career globally!

Why Us?

The community provides adequate support to Filipino Professionals and aspiring candidates to kick-start their careers from home by providing the right information and tool to equip them with the right skills.

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About Us

This is an area where you can grow and develop your skills of becoming a successful home-based professional. This course will guide you on how you can kick-start your career from home. It will show you what you need to prepare and understand helping you succeed.